This was the 19|20|21 project that I did in Art 3. The guidelines for the project was to find a 19th, 20th and 21st century artist and combine all of their styles into one original piece. For my 19th century artist I chose Wassily Kandinsky. I used the triangles in the lips and the color palette to show his style as he was a very geometric painter and used a lot of primary colors. My 20th century artist was ___________. He was known for his bold outlines of cartoony objects, usually humans. I loved the way he did lips and eyelashes so I used a lips template and black outline. For my 21st century artist I chose Laylah Ali. I studied her in Art 2 and was really intrigued by how she made her work. She used very neat, toned down colors for her background, so I used the light baby blue as a contrast to everything else going on in the painting.  

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