Acrylic, ink and tracing paper on wood

I’m not creative at all, and that was the sole reason I chose Art as an elective. I always come up with good ideas but I can never execute them properly. I think I have a problem with thinking too much about my art. Guyer even stressed that last year so I tried to make it less obvious this time. People always say that they just “make art” and then the story will eventually come to them, but for me it’s impossible. I can’t just pick up a paintbrush and go at it. I need guidance and a certain direction in which then I can think of things to create. Although I don’t possess the natural talent or patience to create amazing work, I think I have a good mind to do so, and will try harder this year in all of my future projects.

I worked for about 2 weeks on these pieces. I started my original projects the first week that we got out of school because I had a great idea brewing in my head, I even had Guyer make me a platform so I could start to see If that was really the direction I wanted to go to.I wanted to use oil paint, but I quickly realized that it takes forever to dry, and I’ve never used it before, which could cause a serious disaster. My first piece was a lion head. I was actually really happy with it, and so I put off art for a while since it was the beginning. Towards that last 2 weeks of summer, i looked at the piece and the paint was completely chipped off so I had to rethink a new idea and come up with my 3 new pieces. I actually tried to spend a lot of time on my summer work, but as usual, it failed. I also blame this on me not buying the necessary materials, so this year I plan to go out and buy some decent brushes and paint so I can produce cleaner and hopefully better work.

Like I said in the paragraph above, I faced quite a few dilemmas while doing my summer work. I learned that I definitely have to have the right materials. When I came into class the first day, and the majority of the kids in my class had worked on decent sized materials which made me self conscious. I never really care about how my art compares to others, but I truly wished that I had worked bigger. These pieces definitely put me in a direction of vibrant colors along with maybe one aspect of black and white. I have a lot of ideas in my head, and I hope that this time around I can do a little better when it comes to creating them. I plan to keep using shapes and my weird color palette to make art that I’m finally proud of.

Self-Assessment: I definitely think that I spent more time thinking about this project then from previous ones, even though I didn’t spend a lot of time actually making them. I probably deserve a “B”. I know I could’ve done better, but I don’t think they’re too horrible. Maybe If I would’ve worked on a lot larger scale and spent more time I would deserve an “A”, but I think the pieces later on this year will be “A” worthy

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