Jenny Holzer was born in 1950 in Gallipolis, Ohio. She is an American conceptual artist. She attended Ohio University and The Rhode Island School of Design. Her plan was to originally become an abstract artist. Her focus was going to be printmaking and painting. She moved to New York City in 1977, and became working with text. The main focus of her work is the use of words and ideas in public places, where everyone can see them. Some of her media includes bronze plaques, painted signs, stones, benches and most importantly projections. Holzer used to write all the texts herself, but in 2003 she started working with the texts written by others. Normally writers from Austria and Poland. Her work usually ties to oppression, sexuality, power, war and death. She is quoted as saying that her "main concern is to englighten, bringing to light something thought in silence and was meant to remain hidden.
    Most of all I really enjoyed learning about Holzers beliefs and morals through her truisms. Those are the small sayings that are in her work. Some of them speak so loudly in the sense that, they are such bold statements. For instance, "You have to hurt others to be extraordinary." Do you really have to hurt others to feel better about yourself? I really enjoyed the scenery that she used as a background for her work. I wanted to try typography on my work, and I thought that the 10 small works wwould be the perfect opportunity; however, I feel like typography needs to be printed or measured out/stenciled or it can look messy and make the whole piece look unprofessional.
Mike Guyer
1/22/2013 04:18:21

I was first introduced to Holzer's work in 2007 when I was researching the Venice Biennale. You should definitely check out the stuff she did that gained so much recognition that year. She is edgy, and unafraid of making people think about what is happening in our world.


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