This piece was my second piece for the project 1 work 2 weeks. The first work in 2 weeks that I made was a panel of exact same dimensions. I used watered down acryclic paints to blow and create a splattered effect much as shown in the piece above. I covered the entire face and sides of the piece. In critiques, i was told to bring back my signature lips that I was known for painting in Art 3. I covered the entire panel with masking tape and cut out a lip stencil. I then mixed about 6 different shades of reds/pinks and blew them on the cut out stencil. I got a positive feedback from this piece and plan on keeping on with this trend of stencils and blow paint.
Mike Guyer
1/22/2013 04:22:01

How appropriate that you chose to portray lips as the subject of a work of art that was made with the lips. You should play that idea up a little bit more, and consider the possibility of how photography, typography, and video could become a part of a multimedia exhibition. It's just a thought.

Overall, I really do like this direction. Simplified iconic images created on stark backgrounds just works. What other colors besides white might enhance the overall aesthetic? Keep pushing yourself, and the scale of your work.


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